New Work           Secord Gallery              Halifax NS       October           2022

New Work           Orange Art Gallery         Ottawa ON     November       2022


'Sweet Life'     Orange Gallery      Ottawa ON  September 2021

'We Meet Again'     Orange Gallery      Ottawa ON  November 2020

'A Little Bit of Red'    Orange Gallery      Ottawa ON  December 2018

17 Years, 17 Paintings    Secord Gallery     Halifax NS November 2018

'Colour, Paint, Beauty & the Grid'   Galerie Blanche      Montreal QC November 4. 2017

'Painter Painting'     Applecrate Galleries    Ottawa ON March 2017
'A Painters Musings'         Orange Gallery       Ottawa ON November 2016

'A Slice of Life'          Secord Gallery        Halifax NS October 2016

'New Work'   Secord Gallery   Halifax, NS March 2015

'The National Portrait Gallery'   Wallack Gallery   Ottawa, ON Nov. 2014

'Walking Man'   Buckland Southerst Gallery   Vancouver, BC Nov. 2013

'Snapshot'   Secord Gallery     Halifax, NS Fall 2013 

'Hotel California'   Wallack Galleries    Ottawa, ON March, 2013

'New Work'   Hotel California   San Francisco , CA  Dec. 2012

'A Conversation with Painting cont. ...'  Orange Gallery Ottawa, ON Jan. 2012

'A Conversations with Painting'    Secord Gallery Halifax, NS Oct. 2011

'A Winter’s Night'   Secord Gallery  Halifax, NS Feb. 2010 

'... Continued'  Secord Gallery Halifax, NS Feb. 2010

'Girl in Yellow with Friends'    IPO Gallery  Ottawa, ON Feb. 2008

'New Works'  Buckland Southerst Gallery Vancouver, BC  April 2007  

'A Complicated Beauty' Secord Gallery  Halifax, NS   Feb. 2007 

'New Works'    Secord Gallery  Halifax, NS  March 2006  

'New Works'   Buckland Southerst Gallery  Vancouver, BC Oct. 2005

'Forget Me Not'   Secord Gallery  Halifax, NS Oct. 2004 

'Portraits'   Artist Corner  Victoria, BC July 2003 

'New Works'  Secord Gallery  Halifax, NS  Mar. 2003 

'Still Life'   O’Doumas Gallery  Guelph, ON Nov.2001

'Recent Works'   Libertine  Halifax,  NS Nov. 2000

'Monarda B.F.A Exhibition'     Anna Leonowens Gallery Halifax, NS May 2000  

'Self Portrait'     Neptune Theatre   Halifax, NS  Sept. 1999