Art for art’s sake

By Aly Thomson | Jan 14, 2011

Halifax has an array of galleries that are stocked with fabulous art from local and international artists. Gallery curators and directors have picked the following artists as four to watch.


At Secord Gallery on Quinpool Road, Italian-born but Canadian-bred artist Lorena Ziraldo has been enthralling fans. A graduate of NSCAD, Ziraldo is known for her “rich, fluid and exquisite brushwork,” says gallery assistant Wendy Salsman.  ...

Ziraldo has a unique style, says Salsman, explaining that her work is popular because the viewer can easily develop a connection with a piece. “People see a lot of someone they know in her work,” she says. ....

The paintings range from around $1,000 to $3,800 in price. www.secordgallery.com